Overview & Project History

The Hyder Properties are composed of five claim blocks (Cantoo, Mineral Hill, Texas Creek, Casey, and Rooster) located within the ‘Golden Triangle’ and adjacent to the Alaska / British Columbia boarder near Hyder, AK and Stewart, BC. The area has a long exploration history dating back to the 1920’s with numerous known precious and base metal prospects and mines. Significant exploration and mining activity has occurred on the Canadian side of the border, including the past producing Premier, Scottie, and Granduc mines, but only minor exploration has been conducted on the Alaskan side in the past 25 years.

The Golden Triangle has world class metal endowment and is set in the Stikinia Paleozoic-Mesozoic island arc terrane. The stratigraphy of the area is dominated by Triassic to Jurassic rocks of the Stuhini and Hazelton Groups, respectively. Porphyry, VMS, and other intrusion-related deposits in the area are dominantly hosted in the Jurassic Hazelton Group strata associated with coeval intrusions, with commonly overprinting Eocene epithermal-style vein-dominated mineralization.

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