The Texas Creek property is a 3163-hectare claim block comprised of 326 claims. The property is located 19 kilometers northwest of Hyder, 6 kilometers south of the past producing Granduc Copper Mine, 10 kilometers southwest of the past-producing Scottie copper mine, and 9 kilometers west of the past-producing Premier Gold Mine. Blackwolf Copper and Gold acquired 100% interest in this property through physical staking in May and June of 2021. 

The Texas Creek property is bounded to the west by the Misty Fjord National Monument, and to the north by the Alaska-Canada border. The West Fork of Texas Creek lies to the south, the Texas Glacier to the North, and the Chickamin Glacier to the west. The property contains multiple known mineral occurrences, including historic prospects and small-scale past-producing gold and silver mines. These prospects are hosted within the same Lower Jurassic Hazelton Group stratigraphic horizon that plays host to the majority of large high-grade gold and silver deposits in the Golden Triangle.

Blackwolf Copper and Gold’s current dataset is sourced from prospect evaluation and sampling completed by United States Federal Government geologists in the 1990s.


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