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Mapping of the regional geology in the vicinity of Cantoo Mountain has been relatively sparse, with current property-scale interpretation being derived from mapping released by James Smith in 1977 and projection of British Columbia Geological Survey regional mapping due to the property‚Äôs proximity to the Canadian border.

The property geology is dominated by rocks of the Early Jurassic Texas Creek Intrusive Suite which are interpreted as coeval intrusive equivalents to extrusive Hazelton Group volcanic rocks found to host significant mineral occurrences to the east in British Columbia. This synvolcanic intrusive is possibly related to the feeder intrusive to the proximal Premier and Big Missouri epithermal deposits.

Polymetallic quartz-sphalerite-galena-tetrahedrite-pyrrhotite-pyrite veins located on the property have historically been analyzed using lead isotope studies and interpreted as being Jurassic in age, suggesting a relationship between mineralization and the host Texas Creek Intrusive stock. Localized shearing and hydrothermal alteration have been documented at the property which are likely related to gold-silver and base metal mineralization. Local exposures are present with strongly altered intrusive hosted high-grade gold-silver mineralization, often with significant copper, molybdenum, barium, lead, and zinc. The geological target and exploration concept of the property is similar to the large intrusive-related and porphyry copper and gold deposits in the region such as Snowfield, Treaty, Kerr, and Mitchell, located adjacent to the high-grade Brucejack Gold Mine to the north. 

United States Government geologists have collected a total of 19 samples across the Cantoo property, six of which assayed over 1.0 g/t gold. Individual assay results include: 18.5 g/t Au and 1,206 g/t Ag, 9.2 g/t Au and 1,173 g/t Ag and 27.7 g/t Au and 13.5 g/t Ag.

Assay results, if any, reported in this webpage are historical in nature, were collected and reported by US Government Geologists prior to 2001 and NI 43-101, have not been verified by Blackwolf, and should not be relied upon.


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