Past Exploration & Development

Very little exploration has been conducted on the property since the first half of the 20th century when the property was explored and operated by the Cantu Mining Company.  Known development consists of several short adits and other small cuts throughout the property.  

Limited direct shipping mineralization at Cantoo was recovered at the surface without blasting in the 1920s. 20 tonnes of ore were reportedly shipped from rocks spalling off the steep cliff face. 

Exclusive historic maps were acquired by Blackwolf Copper and Gold from a Hyder resident (see Figure 1), describing at least two large vein systems, both of which are partially exposed along a steep, vegetation-covered east-facing cliff immediately west of the Canadian border. It was revealed that in the late 1920s, two small aerial tramlines were installed to access these two separate structures: a lower silver-rich vein and an upper gold-rich ‘100 foot wide’ vein. Recent helicopter reconnaissance by Blackwolf crews located the cables, which lead to locating the vein outcrops. 


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