The Cantoo Property is a 527-hectare area comprised of 63 claims. The property is located 15 kilometers north of Hyder AK, 3 kilometers west of the past-producing Premier Gold Mine, and 10 kilometers south of the past-producing Scottie Gold Mine.  Blackwolf Copper and Gold acquired a 100% interest in this property through physical staking in May of 2021.

The Cantoo property is bounded to the west by the North Fork of Texas Creek, to the east by the United States-Canada border, and covers the extent of Cantoo Mountain to the north and south.  The property directly borders the Salmon River to the east. The maximum elevation of the area is 1668 meters at the top of Cantoo Mountain. The property is 3 kilometers due west of the Granduc Road, which is on the opposite bank of Salmon River. High-grade gold-silver base metal ore shoots reportedly outcrop at the property which are largely hosted within the Early Jurassic Texas Creek intrusive suite.  Virtually no exploration has been conducted on the property since the first half of the 20th century when the property was explored by the Cantoo Mining Company, thus prompting renewed analysis of the property‚Äôs potential. 

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