2020 / 2021

In the summer of 2020, Rob McLeod was appointed CEO of Blackwolf and in the first 6 months of his leadership completed the following:

  1. New management, board of directors, and technical team;
  2. New corporate vision to advance the company with a focus on ESG;
  3. $5.8M share only financing;
  4. 1,774 meter (10 hole) surface drilling program at the historic high-grade Niblack mine site;
  5. Confirmed the new geological model of an overturned anticline/syncline pair which has opened up significant areas to explore and increased the resource potential for the Niblack project; and
  6. Rehabilitation of the 850-meter-long exploration tunnel to facilitate a robust underground drill program for 2021.

Blackwolf is aiming to complete the following in 2021:

Niblack Project

  1. 2020 Drill Results (April 2021)
  2. Metallurgical Review and plans (Feb 2021)
  3. Underground drilling at the Lookout zone (Mar 2021)
  4. Updated resource estimate (Q2)
  5. IP Geophysics and Soil Sampling (Q2-Q3)
  6. Surface drilling of the high-grade Dama Cu zone (Q2/Q3)


  1. Corporate Rebrand and new symbol Q1 2021
  2. Potential acquisition of nearby base/precious metal projects
  3. Strategic Partnerships with Indigenous groups

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